Garden Sheds Guildford

When you’re choosing a shed for your Guildford garden, you don’t just need to think about things like the style and size of garden shed you need. Garden sheds can often come with a range of optional extras, some of which may be suitable for you, depending on how you plan to use your Guildford shed.

Guildford sheds optional extras

These are some of the optional extras you may be able to choose from to go with your new garden buildings:

  • extra doors
  • stable doors
  • reinforced doors
  • feature windows
  • security shutters
  • laminated glass
  • lining and insulation
  • overboarded floors
  • shelves
  • built-in workbenches
  • partitions
  • guttering
  • heavy-duty roofing felt
  • roofing tiles
  • extra height
  • and many more.

What do you need?

To help you work out whether your Guildford garden shed would benefit from any extra features like these, consider how you’ll be using your shed. For example, if you want to use your Guildford garden building as a potting shed, then built-in shelves could be very useful. Or, if you want to do woodworking or pursue another hobby in your garden shed, then an integral workbench could be what you’re looking for. If the security of your garden shed is a concern, then you could perhaps choose to have security shutters installed.

Want to know more?

So if you’d like to make more of your Winchester garden, why not consider adding a garden shed, in order to really make the most of your outdoor space?


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