Since 1985, MB Garden Buildings Ltd has been supplying and building bespoke garden buildings in and around Surrey. We offer an almost endless range of buildings from a shed to a garden pavilion with workshops, garages, summerhouses, chalets, playhouses and pet and animal housing, all as part of our range.

Because every garden and customer requirement is different we supply not only a standard range of buildings but bespoke as well with a huge choice of options and any size, shape or lay-out to suit. Our garden Buildings will make an excellent addition to your garden, providing a private and comfortable space for all sorts of purposes. There’s a whole host of other things you could use a garden building for. For example:

  • A private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of your home
  • An area for meditation or prayer
  • A music studio
  • A playroom for the children
  • A room for hobbies or crafts
  • A workshop
  • A place to run your business, such as beauty therapy or counselling services
  • A home gym
  • A sauna
  • and any other purpose you can think of!

At MB Garden Buildings, we can advise you on the best garden building to fulfil your needs.

If you love your existing shed but want to spruce it up a bit then our team will also maintain, repair and reposition your current shed. Our skilled craftsmen are here to help.

We have several display sites around the Surrey, Hampshire and Middlesex area (please see our contact details) so you can see the quality of our product for yourself. We pride ourselves on the level of service and attention to detail that we provide, which we believe to be second to none.

We understand that every
garden is different

That's why you'll be able to get custom solutions to suit your
exact needs and requirements.
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